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Elevate your Full-Stack Development expertise through an immersive internship experience.

Enroll in MarvelMinds' dynamic Full-Stack Development internship in Srinagar now, empowering you with the essential skills and expertise crucial for excelling in this thriving domain.


Technology we used






Node JS

Learning Outcomes

Practical Application

Apply theoretical knowledge in real-world scenarios.

Project Management

Learn to manage and execute tasks/projects efficiently.

Professional Networking

Build meaningful connections within the industry.

Skill Refinement

Enhance specific technical or soft skills relevant to the role.

Industry Insight

Gain a deeper understanding of the company's sector.


Develop critical thinking and problem-solving abilities.

Team Collaboration

Improve teamwork and collaboration skills.


Adapt to dynamic work environments and challenges.

Professional Development

Acquire a clearer sense of career aspirations and goals.

Know More

In this era dominated by digital presence, the internet holds a pivotal role, seamlessly weaving itself into our daily routines. It's particularly caught the attention of teenagers, beckoning them into the captivating realm of web development. Recognizing this trend, Marvel Minds has curated a unique internship program designed specifically for young individuals, serving as a gateway to exploration and learning right from the comfort of their homes.

Our internship, accompanied by certification upon completion of the Web Development course at Marvel Minds, invites students to actively collaborate with our Website Development Team on real projects. Extensive details regarding this internship, including schedules and program specifics, are readily available on our website. Our curriculum mirrors industry standards, focusing on nurturing expertise and fostering excellence in our students, guiding them toward a promising career path in web development.

Web development encompasses two fundamental domains:

Front-end Development

Describing the design process related to the client-side of a website, including markup writing, web designers are expected to prioritize usability and stay updated with web accessibility guidelines.

Back-end Development

From creating a simple static webpage to complex applications and online services, web development spans various tasks, such as web engineering, design, content development, scripting, server configuration, security, and e-commerce.

Who Can Apply?

  • Individuals possessing robust programming and analytical abilities
  • Designers specializing in web development
  • Developers skilled in full-stack web development
  • Undergraduates and early-career professionals enthusiastic about embarking on a career in Full Stack Development
  • Freelancers aiming to craft and evaluate their applications utilizing comprehensive Full Stack capabilities

Frequently Asked Questions

During this internship, you'll acquire expertise in cutting-edge methods and technologies within Full Stack Development. You'll gain practical skills in crafting, testing, and deploying web applications within the Full Stack framework. Additionally, you'll collaborate with seasoned developers, receiving invaluable mentorship and guidance throughout your journey.

You'll engage in diverse projects encompassing the creation of new web applications, the upkeep and enhancement of existing apps, and the crucial phases of code testing and debugging. Assignments will align with your skill set and personal interests to ensure an engaging and rewarding experience.

Your progress will be consistently assessed using a blend of self-evaluations, peer feedback, and assessments from your mentor. Expect ongoing guidance and feedback to track your development, along with constructive suggestions aimed at enhancing your skills and performance..

After completing this internship, you will be well-equipped to pursue a career as a Full-Stack Developer or freelance web developer. You can work for companies that build web applications or start your own web development business.

During the internship, you will work on several full-stack web development projects that will help you apply the concepts you learn in class. These projects will range from simple web pages to more complex web applications.

Yes, you will receive a certificate of completion after successfully completing the internship. The certificate will demonstrate your proficiency in Full-Stack Development and can be used to showcase your skills to potential employers.

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